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Gulf Coast Properties Group

Gulf Coast Properties Group (GCPG) has been one of Naples leading residential real estate firms for more than 30 years. We specialize in offering a full suite of home buying, selling, mortgage, home watch, and home improvement services to current and prospective homeowners within the Verona Walk Community. We provide all the services full- and part-time residents will need to make home ownership in our desirable and exciting community as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Gulf Coast Properties Group is uniquely positioned to be the ideal resource for current and future Verona Walk homeowners. As residents of Verona Walk with an office in the town center, we offer an owner’s perspective on the benefits and attractions of the community and the surrounding Naples area. We know first-hand what makes the homes and amenities within Verona Walk an ideal option for buyers and sellers. And our office location makes it easy to service clients’ needs at a moment’s notice.

Our Team

Alexander O'NeillGCPG is lead by Alex O’Neill, who from the outset, had the vision of providing a higher level of service to residents of Verona Walk and Southeast Naples. Alex leads a team that is committed to maintaining the firm as the go-to resource for all our neighbors’ real estate and homeownership needs. Each team member provides a level of personalized service, attention to detail, and community knowledge that has clients coming back to us time and time again.
As Alex puts it;

“We have built our success upon a foundation of professionalism, community expertise, passion, and long-lasting relationships.”


Our results speak for themselves

We help our clients who are looking to sell their homes, sell faster and for top dollar. And we help those looking to buy find the ideal home style and location within Verona Walk. We have developed an approach to promoting the properties within the community that has generated impressive results. We utilize creative marketing methods across all media to reach the highest number of qualified buyers for each of our listings, truly setting them apart from other properties.

Most importantly, our specialization within the community allows us to reduce the stress that is often associated with buying or selling a home. This is especially beneficial to our clients who rely on us while they are out-of-state during off-season.

GCPG All Your Real Estate Needs In One Place.