Dale Cohan

As a widow selling our third home in beautiful Naples, I was concerned that I only had myself to make the important decisions involving buying and selling a home. Thankfully, Alex O’Neill, an experienced and honest broker, walked thru my front door! Here was someone who would help me with probably one of the biggest business decisions I would have to make. As you know,thousands of dollars, along with hopefully profits and not losses, must be considered at this time.

Alex O’Neill is a true professional, who will see you thru the whole process with respect for your wants and your concerns, your budget, and property values. He will always take the time to help you with the myriad of problems and questions that arise. Only ask Alex ONCE, then consider the problem solved in a professional and timely manner!

Alex O’Neill will be the one to give you great happiness and security in knowing that you bought or sold your home with a deal that was equitable for all!

Dale CohanNaples, Florida
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