Nancy Kapfhammer

I have met many nice people since moving into Verona Walk two years ago. One stands out so much in many ways. That being Alex O’Neil with Gulf Coast Properties Group. I have been around Alex and his family so many times since moving to Verona Walk.

Alex is such a nice person to everyone. With all his knowledge I feel very comfortable sending any of my friends or someone asking me who would I recommend to show them around Naples since they were interested in buying a house or other property.

One couple stands out that was shown property by Alex a few weeks ago was so happy.When I was with the couple again, they said Alex was just like I described him to be. So nice to explain all the details for each property, answered all questions in a very business way. No insisting they hurry to buy, saying take your time, call me if you have anymore questions.

I believe Alex is the most honest person I have been around in home sales in many years. He is always ready to help anyone of any need. When Alex says he will do something, you can depend on that being done.
Alex will be the one I send anyone to anytime I am called upon for advice. I know they will enjoy his friendly presence and will help them in any way.

Nancy KapfhammerNaples, Florida
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