Nancy & Thorkil Strigel

I would like to express my thanks to you, Alex, for your assistance in working with my wife and me and our real estate agent in finding the right home in Verona Walk, Naples, FL.

We had selected this community based on a number of factors and decided on a model only to find upon our visit it was not suitable for us. Alex appeared in his red golf cart offering his help by taking us around and providing his knowledge, interest and especially humor in our search. His professional services far exceeded normal expectations with his personal care and attention given to ensure our satisfaction and happiness. With his patient guidance and expertise, we were shown many homes until we found the best one for us.

His confident step by step process did not stop with the home tours. Not only did his help continue with follow ups until the end, he also greeted us upon our arrival to our new home. Alex has aided us in many tasks such as getting our electricity turned on, setting up the security system and providing association information. Now, he visits to check up on our progress and to welcome us as residents and neighbors of Verona Walk.

Alex’s great strength was going above and beyond that of an agent. Our experience was made so much better by his support and we appreciate all of his efforts on our behalf.

Nancy & Thorkil Strigel Naples, Florida
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